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KDocsFF and Sundar Prize Partner to Offer Filmmaker’s Residency Program in Surrey

Updated: May 4, 2023

Surrey, British Columbia - KDocsFF, Metro Vancouver's premier social justice documentary film festival, is proud to announce its partnership with the Sundar Prize Film Festival.

KDocsFF has collaborated with Sher Vancouver, a registered charity in Canada, to offer a filmmaker's residency program in the KDocsFF Social Justice Lab. The four-month residency will give the emerging local filmmaker a dedicated workspace with editing equipment and access to the University's film studies faculty and students as test audiences. The KDocsFF Filmmaker's Residency will be awarded at the inaugural Sundar Prize Film Festival in June 2024.

The Sundar Prize Film Festival is an international film awards competition that seeks to recognize beautiful films that uplift our world through impactful and informative storytelling about social causes and social issues that have a social impact. The winning films will be screened at the iconic, landmark Centre Stage at Surrey City Hall in Surrey, British Columbia. The festival will offer over $10,000 in cash prizes for the top 5 films in select categories. The Sundar Prize Film Festival seeks to showcase and celebrate filmmakers who are committed to creating positive social impact and promoting empathy, understanding, and social justice.

"We are excited to partner with the Sundar Prize Film Festival to offer this unique opportunity to an emerging local filmmaker," said KDocsFF Community Outreach Director, Greg Chan. "At KDocsFF, we celebrate the power of documentary film and documentary activism, and we look forward to partnering with the Sundar Prize to showcase the best films from around the world here in Surrey."

The Sundar Prize is an initiative of Sher Vancouver, which is a unique dual-purpose arts and cultural and social service non-profit society that has been established since 2008. "We are delighted to have KDocsFF as a festival partner for the Sundar Prize Film Festival," said Sher Vancouver Founder, Alex Sangha. "Together, we aim to recognize and showcase films that use impactful and informative storytelling to raise awareness and inspire action on critical social causes and issues."

KDocsFF Community Outreach and Sher Vancouver are long-standing collaborators, having joined forces to screen two Sher Films documentaries for the KPU community: My Name Was January for the Transgender Day of Remembrance in 2020 and Emergence: Out of the Shadows on National Coming Out Day in 2021. These two 2SLGBTQ+, Surrey-based documentaries remain KDocsFF Community Outreach’s most well-received films over the past three years. Our collaboration has also been bridged by Sher Vancouver’s multitalented videographer, Bhavesh Chauhan, who joined KDocsFF for its annual festival to film the 2023 edition of KDocs Talks, our social justice video lecture series.

Filmmakers interested in submitting their films can do so through the FilmFreeway link provided below. The Sundar Prize Film Festival welcomes films with any theme but encourages filmmakers who showcase human rights, immigrants and refugees, social justice issues, indigenous peoples, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, vulnerable and marginalized peoples, environmental and climate change, and educational films.

For more information, please contact:

Greg Chan

Community Outreach Director


Alex Sangha

Founder of Sher Vancouver

Co-Founder and Festival Manager of the Sundar Prize


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