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Showcasing social justice films that break barriers and create impactful change

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Sundar Prize Film Festival

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Enter the Film Festival

The Sundar Prize is an international film awards competition with over $10,000 in cash prizes for the Top 5 films in the select categories:

  • Human Rights

  • Immigrants and Refugees

  • Social Justice Issues

  • Indigenous Peoples

  • People of Color

  • LGBTQ+ Community

  • Vulnerable and Marginalized Peoples

  • Environmental and Climate Change

  • Educational Films

The Sundar Prize Film Festival seeks to recognize beautiful films that uplift our world through impactful and informative storytelling about social issues that have social impact.

Where cinema meets social change


Creating films that are




Screenings in Schools

We'd love to bring these films to your high school, college, university, or community followed by a discussion led by a Sher facilitator touching upon topics such as sexuality, gender identity, & coming out.

Request a Screening
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