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Sher Vancouver Welcomes First Female President in Historic Leadership Transition

April 17, 2024


Surrey, BC - In a historic transition, Sher Vancouver bids farewell to its longstanding leaders, Founder Alex Sangha and President Ash Brar, at the recent Sher Vancouver Annual General Meeting on April 16, 2024. This pivotal moment paves the way for a new era of leadership, marked by the election of Sunita Mistry as President, making her the first woman to helm the organization since its inception.


With Alex Sangha shifting focus to fundraising and financial management, and Ash Brar assuming the role of Executive Director, the stage is set for an exciting chapter in Sher Vancouver's journey.


The newly constituted board comprises individuals dedicated to Sher Vancouver's mission:


·      President: Sunita Mistry

·      Vice President: Annie Ohana

·      Secretary-Treasurer: Vincent Prasad

·      Directors-at-Large: Josh Soronow, Jason Pillay, and Gurpreet Singh


President Sunita Mistry, who is also a peer support facilitator for the Sher Lotus Group, expresses her enthusiasm, stating, "I am very excited to lead an organization that advocates and empowers vulnerable and marginalized people in my community."


Founder Alex Sangha emphasizes the importance of fostering innovation and opportunity for the next generation of Sher Vancouver members, underscoring the organization's rapid growth and the need to expand capacity.


Former President and incoming Executive Director Ash Brar reflects on his tenure, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to serve alongside Founder Alex Sangha and the Sher Vancouver Team and his eagerness for the new challenges ahead.


The board's diversity is reflected in its members' roles within Sher Vancouver's support groups and broader community initiatives, ranging from peer support facilitation to promoting sexual health awareness.


Vice President Annie Ohana's stellar achievements include being shortlisted as one of ten teachers globally for the esteemed Global Teacher Prize, underscoring Sher Vancouver's unwavering commitment to excellence."


Secretary-Treasurer Vincent Prasad, in addition to his role as a key financial steward, serves as a peer support facilitator within the Sher Jupiter group, offering vital support to  LGBTQ+ South Asian men and their friends and allies.


Director Josh Soronow, a founding member of Sher Vancouver, extends his advocacy to the realm of senior care as Co-Founder of the Dignity Seniors Society, providing crucial support to Vancouver's LGBTQ+ elderly population.


Director Jason Pillay's multifaceted role spans from shaping Vancouver's fashion scene as a stylist in the film and television industry to helping drive Sher Vancouver's official communications and hosting the illuminating Sher Spotlight series, showcasing the remarkable individuals behind Sher Vancouver's impactful work.


Director Gurpreet Singh, a dedicated advocate for sexual health awareness, also serves as Sher Vancouver's Sexual Health Navigator, ensuring vital resources and support are accessible to all within the community.


Sher Vancouver, a registered charity supporting queer South Asians and their allies, has been a pillar of the community for nearly 16 years. With inclusivity at its core, Sher Vancouver welcomes individuals from all walks of life to join its mission.


For more information, visit


For media inquiries, please contact:


Ash Brar

Executive Director of Sher Vancouver


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