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Sher Vancouver Unveils Safar with Pride: A Groundbreaking Queer South Asian Learning Hub


Surrey, British Columbia – Sher Vancouver proudly introduces Safar with Pride, a pioneering Desi Queer Learning Hub, marking a significant step in fostering unity and understanding within the South Asian LGBTQ+ community. The platform, named after the word 'Safar,' meaning journey in several South Asian languages, responds to the pressing issues of rising anti-SOGI sentiments, homophobia, and transphobia prevalent in the South Asian and broader community.


Official Website:




Safar with Pride aims to cultivate a nurturing digital space that champions the diverse experiences of the queer South Asian community. Its mission is to foster acceptance, understanding, and unity while honoring the unique cultural and LGBTQ+ heritage.




Envisioning a world where every queer South Asian lives authentically, devoid of discrimination and prejudice, Safar with Pride strives to not only acknowledge but celebrate vibrant identities and stories as an integral part of heritage.


Core Values


Inclusivity: Embracing the full spectrum of queer identities within the South Asian community.


Cultural Pride: Celebrating the intersection of South Asian cultures, traditions, and LGBTQ+ experiences.


Empowerment: Providing resources and support for queer South Asians to embrace their true selves.


Education: Committed to educating both the community and society about the challenges and strengths of queer South Asians.


Intersectionality: Recognizing the complexity of experiences shaped by race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality.


Advocacy: Championing the rights, well-being, and representation of the queer South Asian community.


"Safar with Pride holds a treasure trove of resources, from stories of queer South Asian icons to crucial information and support for refugees. Our goal is to offer easily accessible information empowering community members to learn about the queer South Asian community and about the issues faced by many sexual and gender minorities," states Sher Vancouver Founder, Alex Sangha.





Alex Sangha, Founder of Sher Vancouver


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