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A New Safe Space for Queer South Asian Youth: Sher Launches Pyar is Pyar Peer Support Group

Surrey, British Columbia - Sher Vancouver is proud to announce the launch of their newest initiative, Pyar is Pyar Peer Support Group, an essential space for queer South Asian youth and friends 19 to 30 to find support, community, and a place to belong.

Pyar is Pyar means Love is Love in many South Asian languages.

For many South Asian queer youth, finding acceptance and support can be a challenging journey. Due to cultural and societal norms, many individuals face rejection and isolation, causing feelings of loneliness and shame. The Pyar is Pyar Peer Support Group aims to address these issues by providing a safe space for individuals to discuss their experiences, connect with others, and build meaningful relationships.

Through weekly meetings, facilitated by a social worker including two social work practicum students, members will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, activities, and events, both in-person and online. With an open-door policy, the group aims to create an inclusive and welcoming space for all individuals, regardless of their background or identity.

"We understand that coming out or being true to oneself can be challenging, especially for South Asian queer youth," says Sher Vancouver's founder, Alex Sangha. "That's why we created this group, to provide a safe and supportive community where individuals can feel accepted and celebrated for who they are."

The Pyar is Pyar Peer Support Group will meet every Sunday from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm at the City Centre Library in Surrey in Room 402. This weekly drop-in group provides an opportunity for individuals to share their experiences and connect with others who may be going through similar challenges.

In addition to the Pyar is Pyar Peer Support Group, Sher Vancouver offers a range of other programs and services, including the Dosti Project Monthly Meet Up at Solid State Co-op in Surrey where people can learn from various guest speakers and workshops and have a delicious hot vegetarian meal, and a new queer Women’s Group currently in development.

If you're a South Asian queer youth or friend looking for a supportive community, we encourage you to attend the Pyar is Pyar Peer Support Group and make new friends in Sher Vancouver. We look forward to seeing you there!

Media Inquiries

Alex Sangha MSW

Founder of Sher Vancouver


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